Types of Venues in Texas that Host the Best Live Music in Town


There is nothing better than listening to live music. In Texas, there are many different venues which host a variety of musicians and bands on a regular basis. Knowing where to find the best Texas music will make it easier to experience some of the greatest musicians the state has to offer. Even the smallest venues can bring in a large crowd when it comes to popular bands in the area.

Music Festivals

Perhaps some of the most publicized music events happen at various festivals throughout the state. The bigger cities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, and Houston, host several annual music festivals. These festivals draw in fans from all over. In Austin, for example, music lovers can check out their favorite bands at the Austin City Limits festival or the South by Southwest festival. Music festivals are also a great place for unknown musicians to get their big break.

Local Clubs and Bars

In Texas, most every city has several clubs that provide live music entertainment. Many of these clubs advertise in local newspapers or on college campuses. It’s also possible to learn about new clubs or bars by simply asking around. Depending on the venue, a small cover charge may be required for entry; however, many clubs forgo an entry fee as a way to get more people in the door. Larger downtown areas, such as Austin and Dallas, have clubs on nearly every corner, making it easy to find a place to relax and listen to great music for the evening.


Many business owners allow musicians to play at their establishments because it helps to bring in new business. Coffeehouses are very popular places for musicians to perform for a live crowd. The atmosphere at a coffeehouse is much different than a club, so many musicians choose to play an acoustic set. Classical ensembles, such as woodwind quintets, may be hired to help create a relaxing, soothing ambiance. Many musicians at coffeehouses play for free, so be sure to look for a tip jar to support their efforts.

Texas is home to many talented musicians. All types of genres, from jazz to country, are popular in the state. Remember to check out music festivals, local clubs, and even coffeehouses to find some of the best music in the area.